AZL 64209-3 CSX SD40-2 #8151

The (very) long awaited AZL SD40-2s from AZL are officially here.

CSX Features:

Late Production, Nose Headlights, Brakewheel, Dynamic Brake, Sunshades, 4000 Gallon Fuel Tank, Leslie SST Airhorn, Corrugated Radiators, Q-Fans, Ditch Lights, Small Width Anticlimber, HTC Trucks, 88 Nose, Prototypical Antennas

In addition, all AZL SD40-2s include directional controlled LED lighting, blackened metal wheels, traction tires, AZL AutoLatch™ couplers and optional pilots/plows.

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AZL 64209-3 CSX SD40-2 #8151

  • $196.00