AZL 74018-1 CB&Q Heavyweight Combine Coach | 3-Axle | #3525

The cars feature four windows on the baggage door.

Heavyweight refers to early 20th century cars built before the late 1930s. They were often made of riveted steel construction with 6 wheel trucks (not always) and large clerestory or arched roofs that tapered or curved at the ends. Heavyweights often had a poured concrete floor resulting in a smooth ride.\

AZL heavyweight cars features smooth running three axle trucks, inset window glazing, intricate pad printing and prototype accurate details.

A fun note: Tuscan red is the shade of red that was used on the passenger cars of the Pennsylvania Railroad. It also was used extensively by the New South Wales Government Railways in Australia in a similar fashion to the PRR. Small world!

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AZL 74018-1 CB&Q Heavyweight Combine Coach | 3-Axle | #3525

  • $61.00