About Us

April 1st, 2020. Thanks for stopping by for a read here!

Our recent, now previous, webhost unfortunately dropped the ball on us and though their timing and support was poor, let's have a look on the bright side. We are now rebuilding the US Z Scale website to run faster with our new host, we're using a newer version of our software and the site is now responsive so this will work better on all devices. Of course too, this site is fully SSL secure and our payment processor, PayPal, will continue along as it has previously.

We're having to do a bit of manual rebuilding but that's ok, a little hard work never hurt. The two biggest issues we're tackling are product photos and our customer accounts. We'll need to add product photos manually, so this will take a week or two to get all product photos back up.

On customer accounts:

We do ask that you create a new account for yourself here at the new US Z Scale. I hate to ask this of you, but this will be the best way to make sure all of our ducks are in a row here and that things hum along nice and smooth.

This new software version has lots of new features we'll be digging in to as we go along, but for right now, we're back online and ready to work.

Create a new account here at US Z Scale

Thanks for your patience and support, it's genuinely appreciated!

John Cubbin