Union Pacific City Of San Francisco

Beginning in 1936, the Union Pacific began operations of the “City of San Francisco” passenger train. The train operated between Chicago, IL and Oakland, CA on the Overland Route. A ferry connection completed the service to San Francisco. The C&NW, Milwaukee Road, and Southern Pacific were co-owners in the train and contributed rolling stock to the roster.

Starting in 1938, the lightweight passenger cars were introduced. Typical trains were 17 cars in length and could accommodate 222 passenger. These lightweight cars are represented in AZL’s set. The sets were powered by EMD locomotives and were cable of a speed of 110mph.  This would allow the “City of San Francisco” to make the trip in 39 ½ hours. This included 37 stops for the westbound trains and 38 stops on the eastbound trains.

Of course too AZL released some snazzy EMD E7 UP locos in this release too! Check them out here.

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