As many of you may know, we ran the Ztrains website(s) and produce Z scale products under the Ztrains name. We recently made the decision to roll our Ztrains line into our other website brand, Raildig! Having too many names / brands was frankly a little hectic so this should make things a bit easier. We'll have both new and existing products of ours appear right here in this category going forward.

All Raildig products are also available through all authorized AZL and Rokuhan dealers, some may still be listed as Ztrains for now, depending on the dealer.

Also, feel free to visit us over on our Raildig YouTube channel for lots of cool Z related videos and upcoming product videos too, just click on the picture below to check out our videos!

Raildig RD-400 | The Ztrains Grassinator

Raildig RD-400 | The Ztrains GrassinatorThe Grassinator™ is ..


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